About Us

Duffer is an online platform to save money on online shopping and also helping people in choosing between new and used item by comparing prices. The idea derived when someone bought a 2 years old used mobile phone from Duffer's founder for INR 20,000 while the new one was available for INR 21,000. It gave the idea that how easily can someone be conned as there is no price comparison on current classifieds websites. We do believe that Seller must get the highest value for his used products depending on its condition but it must be reasonable too. Buyer must not feel cheated after buying and that's exactly what we are helping people for.

At Duffer, We are offering classified ads in various categories like mobile phones, mobile phone accessories, laptops, computers, electronics and many more. Also you can find the best price of the new one without switching to other platform. If someone finds a new product affordable as compared with a used one, he can instantly buy it by clicking the link of the portal which is offering the best price.